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We make minority investments in Finnish companies together with other investors. We share financial risk, accelerate the growth and international expansion of our portfolio companies and believe in active ownership.

Investment focus

Venture capital

  • Suitable for companies with strong international growth potential. For example, technology companies with a scalable business models and high growth targets.
  • We foster the later stage venture capital market by participating as part of a syndicate in A-C investment rounds EUR 3–25+ million in size.
  • We base our investment decisions on a couple of factors: evidence of international growth, expertise of the syndicate and competencies of the team. Economic and societal impact is also important to us. We invest in the most promising healthtech and deeptech companies also at an earlier stage on a case-by-case basis.
  • The size of our own investment is typically EUR 2-15 million. Investments are always made together with private professional investors, mainly Finnish and international venture capital funds.
  • Our focus: ICT / industrial digitalisation, healthtech, deeptech and the circular economy.

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Growth equity

  • We make minority investments in SMEs on a strong growth path.
  • The capital needs of our portfolio companies vary. These can be e.g. international expansion, product and service development, investments, strengthening of the balance sheet, corporate and industry restructuring and mergers & acquisitions.
  • When evaluating an investment, we are looking for a credible growth plan, competent operational management and evidence of growing, profitable operations. Do the Board and co-investors have the expertise needed to implement the value creation plan?
  • Our target companies typically have net sales of EUR 15–300 million. The size of our investment is usually EUR 5–20 million.
    Implementing a growth strategy usually requires long-term risk-taking as well as risk-sharing among several owners. Our co-investors are typically Finnish and international private equity companies, pension companies, industrial investors and private investors.
  • Our focus: the circular economy, digitalisation and other businesses seeking significant societal and economic impact.

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Industrial investments

  • We finance major industrial companies and their investments in Finland. These investments include new plants, new equipment and expansion projects. Financing packages for M&As are often created to build larger and internationally stronger corporate entities.
  • Our portfolio companies’ net sales are more than EUR 100 million and their operations are growing strongly internationally. The size of our investments is usually EUR 5-20 million.
  • After the investment, we participate in business development alongside our private co-investors, mainly via Board activities and strategy work.

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